Saturday, 23 June 2012

SST - How to sell a Diamond

Saturday Story Time – How to Sell a Diamond

They were the cutest couple you’ve ever seen.  Both in their 40s, it was her second time and his first time shopping for an engagement ring.  They came into the restyle and design show at Marjon Jewellers in Kamloops.  Lilian had shown them numerous shapes, and designs.  The one that she was most intrigued with was not necessarily designed to be an engagement ring, but flattered her hand and had a nice spot to feature a 1/3rd ct or better diamond.

These guys were holding hands and she was giddy with excitement.  Lilian picked a diamond out of the selection we brought, installed it in a pair of tweezers and held it over the design on her finger.  They loved it!

He asked “how-much” and the price was acceptable and they said, “Yes please.  Go ahead.”  After he had his credit card-out, he said, “I assume that’s a nice diamond you’re putting in there.”  Indeed I believe it was an F/VS2 0.42ct diamond.  Lilian replied, “yes, it is one of our best quality diamonds.”  He just kept on smiling while he held her hand and paid his deposit.

That was it.  There was no “4-Cs” explanation, they never asked the carat-weight of the diamond and they were the happiest most appreciative clients I’ve ever seen. Everything else fell into place.  It doesn’t always unfold this way, but remember, this only happens when you engage the buyers personally, focusing on occasion and design.

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