Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Rule of Three

Due to the popular “grab and runs” that have been happening all across the country it is crucial to limit the number of items shown to a customer at one time.  The more value is on top of the showcase at any given time, the higher your exposure to loss.  You may have in-store rules about how many items can be shown at a time.  Please make sure those rules are clear, and that what I say is tempered with your insurance requirements and store policy.

I’ve always believed that three is a magic number.  Not only is it quick and easy to count to three to ensure you know where everything is, it’s great for selling.  This is a quote from Roberta in Victoria where she put the “rule of three” to the test:

“… thank you for leaving those 3 chains on memo. As I suspected, she was expecting a selection. Had there been less than 3 choices, she would not have been satisfied. Ok, I'll admit it, I did a little experiment. I kept the 18" chain aside and initially showed her the two 20" chains. Sure enough, I got a "I only have two to choose from?". I brought out the third chain and she was happy … In the end she did choose the one I "held out"on her.”

It doesn’t always work that way, but I certainly have seen the opposite.  When showing people samples, it’s not as much risk to have 7 or 8 designs above the showcase at one time.  If it gets that way, I’ll often say, “let’s just eliminate 4 or 5 of these right now, and bring the number down to two or three.

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