Thursday, 14 June 2012

Where does your Gold Come From?

While in Vegas, I got up waaaaay too early to attend a 7:30am RJC breakfast session.  You might recall my indignation at how Saville Stern flippantly made the huge gesture to “include retailers” in an industry discussion.  The Responsible Jewellery Council was there at JCK to share the issue of gold sourcing with all levels of the industry and jewellery media.

While retailers are a bit out of the loop, we shouldn’t be.  We’re the ones who have to answer to the public who have ethical questions about the product we’re selling.  There are steps being taken; similar to the Kimberly Process to ensure that the gold we’re all selling does not support conflict in Congo, slavery, savagery or irresponsible mining practices.  Part of the process involves everyone in the supply chain asking the next level up what they are doing to source their gold ethically.

If you are interested in this issue, click HERE to review the presentation given that morning.  If you’re not interested, designate a staff member to review it and give a presentation at your next sales meeting.

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