Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wall Cases

A soon to be released article in Canadian Jeweller will discuss the issue of managing space in your jewellery store.  A developing problem is that modern consumers want unrestricted access to see what you have.  Traditional wall cases with show-beds in front disconnect product from consumers who are used to having an entire world of merchandise at their finger-tips via the worldwide web.

Barclays of Oak Bay, in Victoria, BC are just completing a renovation of their show-floor which allows their consumers to now stand at the wall cases.  Hearts on Fire’s new store in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas is all about vertical showcases.  This brought to mind an important security warning.  About 13 years ago, a couple came into the jewellery store that I managed, and while one of my salesmen were showing diamond rings from a wall-case, the fellow took advantage of a momentary head-turn to reach in and palm a $17,000 ring.

The offenders were caught on film; except that due to the angle of the camera there was no conclusive footage of the ring going into his hand.  The police identified the guy, got a search warrant, found several DOZEN pawn slips, but no evidence of our missing ring.  He got away with it.

Wall cases can allow good visual access, but are harder to guard.  If you have to put high-value items in wall-cases, make sure you work-out the best positioning to control the presentation of product therein.

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