Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Background Music

If you don’t cruise JCK Online, you might have missed this great article about diamond ring songs.  Take a peep and see if you recognize all of them.  I always thought it would be fun to make a “mixed-tape” (what’s it called now?) of songs with reference to diamonds and gold to play in my store.

Music in your store can be part of your brand.  Your brand is anything that you do consistently over time that is part of a winning client experience.  If every time a person goes into your store there is a different music station playing it’s one less thing that calls-back their previous excellent experience.  The local radio station complete with “the trading post” and the latest ag-report might reinforce that you’re fully immersed in your community.  If you want to create a coffee-shop vibe in décor, lighting and service there’s a satellite music station by that name.  If you’re an upbeat store with the latest trends for young hip brides and those seeking youth, your music might be top-40.

I do recommend being consistent with it, rather than playing to the preference of whoever gets to the tuner first in the morning.  It’s important that the selection of music doesn’t annoy you, but if, for example, jazz isn’t your thing, you likely wouldn’t use that as a theme for your brand.

“This diamond ring doesn’t shine for me anymore…” -- maybe not a good choice.

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