Saturday, 7 July 2012

Royal Diamonds

For the queen’s 125th birthday or whatever the big deal is, the royal family are putting on a display of over 10,000 diamonds from the crown jewels at Buckingham palace.  As you might guess from my tone regarding the occasion, I’m not a royal watcher, but hear me out.  I think that that the story of the Cullinan diamond and the rest of the crown jewels are right on par with the presentation of the first engagement ring by Archduke Maximilian.  This is huge news, people!  If I was travelling to Europe rather than making much needed repairs to my money-pit home, I’d wait in line for hours if necessary to see these jewels.  What a story I’d have to tell.

Due to their influence in modern culture, the royal family has contributed to the desirability of diamonds.  Car guys would love to have a Lamborghini, but with limited budgets they buy Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, Tiburon’s or whatever gives them a taste of “the fast lane.”  Brides want to glide down the aisle like Lady Diana did all those years ago, and feel like a princess!  Their engagement diamond is the taste they crave of royalty.  Reverence for the most notable diamonds should continue to be a part of our promotions and our sales presentations.  Time to brush-up on the story of the Cullinan diamond!

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