Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Training

Okay, you get a break from my NHL analogies … for now.  As we enjoy watching a few events of these Olympic games, you get glimpses of the background of some of these phenomenal athletes.  I haven’t seen a story that says, “she started playing soccer just last year, and seemed to be somewhat of a soccer savant.  Without any muscular or cardiovascular training, she’s managed to dominate the world of soccer…”  That doesn’t happen on this planet. 

What does happen is that someone who really, really enjoys a sport goes the extra mile to learn, train and participate at a high level in their sport.  It takes sweat, perseverance, sweat, sacrifice, sweat, failure, sweat, victory, luck and some more sweat.

I don’t believe there are “naturally born salespeople.”  It helps to be extroverted.  It is beneficial to be a confident person.  Attractiveness never hurts.  I know some amazing salespeople who are unassuming, common looking and reserved.  It takes work.  Many of us spent years of “on the job” training before we figured a few things out.  At some point, we attended some sales training seminars or read a few books.  None of those Olympic soccer players got there by playing game after game of soccer.  Physical training, cross-training, sports psychology and team-building events are all part of it.

How many of us have exhausted ourselves with research, training and reading?  How many of us can point to coaches and mentors who got us where we are?  How many of us believe that once we’ve acquired sales skills, we can stop training because we know it all?

Those of you who are reading this are in the minority.  You’re reaching out to learn more and stretch your minds.  Like Olympic athletes, we need to continue exercising our minds, stretching our imagination and seeking-out the best coaching available.  Our competitors are electronics salesmen, auto dealers, travel agents and renovation contractors. 

Get out there and kick some @$$!

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