Friday, 6 July 2012

Divide and Conquer

In a world where jewellery shoppers can get their jewellery from a chain store, online, department store or from you (the independent retailer,) we’ve got a bunch of competition.  A few days ago, I made a statement that needs further clarification.  I said, “we try to convert mass-merchandise buyers into independent jewellery clients.”

I believe that a consumer is better served by dealing with independent jewellery retailers for many reasons.  Let’s say that consumers who are not totally convinced of that fact have a 50/50 chance of making an important diamond purchase from an independent retailer.  What if you and everybody who reads this blog were effective at promoting the genre of independent retail jewellers.  What if uncommitted shoppers became 70/30 favorites to make their purchase at an independent store?  Do you think you’d get more than your fair share of those extra sales? 

I think that the chain stores do a good job of promoting their own warranties, histories and services, but they would NEVER tell a client why to select a chain-store over an independent store.  I can’t think of a single compelling reason for a united message of “chain stores are best”.  But there are many overwhelming reasons to buy from an independent; including value, quality, service, knowledge, selection, custom-work and so-on.

Brad Huisken suggests that if you are unable to close a sale (we can’t win ‘em all on the first try) that you send them off with some good reasons to come back and choose your store for their purchase.  You could also at that time throw in reasons why to choose an independent jewellery retailer over a chain store.  It just might narrow the field in your favor!

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