Tuesday, 31 July 2012

YouTube Channels

YouTube is becoming the unsung hero of the social media world.  If you are trying to develop a following, it is becoming more important to have a YouTube channel.  The videos I’ve included in my blog are all on my YouTube Channel.  When put together they tell a story, and they can be a great part of your social media identity.

Videos can include slide-shows that are saved in one of the popular video formats, videos you’ve filmed yourself, or ones which you have viewed on YouTube and want your followers to enjoy.  If you seek to use videos on your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter feed or blog, make sure you upload each to your YouTube Channel.  Once you have enough to make a good presentation of it, then you can begin adding the address of your YouTube channel to your website, business cards and other promotions.

If you have two minutes to kill, check-out this slide-show that I did for my personal Facebook page chronicling my birthday.  It literally took me about 20 minutes to do with iPhoto software that came with my computer.

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