Monday, 9 July 2012



I received a great comment in response to Friday’s Divide and Conquer article.

Justin Pelant of Ted Allen Jewellers in Nelson, B.C. writes, “one key point that I think was missed,  Ownership.  I take ownership in every piece that leaves my doors and try to the best of my ability to make sure the customer is getting the best value for what they are wanting to spend.  From the first time they enter my door to every time that follows.”

This is another key differential between independents and every other vendor or jewellery.  Nobody takes ownership over their product more than independents, because we actually selected and own the product.  A chain-store or department store jewellery manager has no say in what’s purchased and no “skin in the game” when it comes to personally paying for it.  The internet retailers buy whatever sells well and faces-up good on the web and often don’t own merchandise before they sell it.

I find that independent store staff whose jobs depend on their owners prospering will “take ownership” of store success.  This means:
·      Taking security precautions as if the product was yours
·      Selling as if your job depends on it
·      Seeking to resolve client problems as if it affects your future
·      Sharing responsibility, credit and blame as if you were a close family

I serve some wonderful independent retailers with great staff.  If you’re just starting-out in this business; take some ownership and see how far your career can go!

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