Monday, 2 July 2012

Do We Have to Pander?

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Another good question is posted up by Seth Godin in a blog-post by the same name.  In the jewellery business “pandering” means carrying product that is important for cash-flow but not what we believe is in our client’s best interest.  Seth’s article says, “Brands extend their products or dumb down their offerings or slap their brands on inferior substitutes all in the name of reaching the masses.”  He goes on to say it’s only a temporary jolt, because sooner or later the disconnect between your brand and the pandered product will be discovered.

As an independent jeweller, it is always difficult to see the kind of low-quality vanilla skus that the chain stores sell by the bucket.  We want a piece of that action, but if I polled all of you, I’d probably get about 100% of you claiming that “your brand” involves selling product that is more distinctive and higher quality than Peoples, Ben Moss, Paris or Michael Hill. 

Well, which is it?  Do you want to stand-out or do you want to compete for their business? As independent jewellers it is our lot in life to do two things.  First, we cater to a better class of client who want better more distinctive jewellery.  Secondly, we try to convert mass-merchandise buyers into independent jewellery clients.

The chain stores are using price to lure our clients their way.  What are we using to lure clients our way?  It’s got to be value.  It’s got to be outstanding service.  It’s got to be prestige.  It’s got to be the promise of a more meaningful jewellery buying experience.

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