Thursday, 19 July 2012

Social Media Experiment Progress Report

It’s been about 6 weeks since returning from Vegas where I conducted a social media experiment.  I wore a T-shirt promoting The Toddwaz Report, with a QR code for quick access to my website.  I also handed-out cards promoting the blog.  The immediate results were modest and disappointing.

Since then, here are the 6 week results:

·      Facebook Likes +41%
·      Twitter Followers +71%
·      YouTube Views +62%
·      YouTube Subscribers (Unchanged)
·      Blogspot Page Views +99%
·      Blogspot Subscribers (Unchanged)
·      LinkedIn Connections +17%

I’d have to conclude that the $100 I spent on T-shirts and cards did yield measurable results.  In the virtual world, the six degrees of separation that I wrote about in June can have a widespread impact.  Over the past month, only 54% of page-views on my blog have come from Canada; 18% from the U.S., 8% from Russia and 5% from France.

If you are building your social network, don’t worry if it doesn’t achieve viral growth.  It does take time.  If you consistently sew seeds of content that’s true to you the results will be an audience of people who are followers you can work with, because they already genuinely identify with you.

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