Monday, 9 April 2012


Adults are obsolete children – Dr. Seuss

I heard the story about an art professor who took his daughter to work.  He was showing her the process of teaching aspiring artists how to paint; to which the child replied, “you mean they forgot how?”  We are born creative.  Just give a kid a cardboard box and see what adventures he or she spontaneously enters into.

The more education we receive, the more we get addicted to known-facts and forget about the realm of “infinite possibilities.”  At a conference in L.A. in 1989 I attended a session on “imaginuity” given by an executive of Walt Disney Corp.  This is the unique process by which Disneyland’s creative staff develops new rides, services and features.

In your store, when collaborating about new ads, promotions, displays or events, try using imaginuity.  First you need to state the need.  Then open-up the floor for each and every suggestion that comes into anyone’s mind.  Jot notes to keep track of these ideas.  Let one idea spawn another and another, WITHOUT pausing to critique any suggestion. 

Once you stall for further suggestions, then and only then do you start to discuss the merits of each suggestion.  You’ll be surprised at the flow of creativity that’s possible in a non-critical environment.

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