Monday, 16 April 2012

Video Blog - My Ulterior Motives

Last night I had a couple of beers with one of my most valued clients, and one who is a close enough friend to be honest with me.  

I have published ideas that he found somewhat distasteful and ones which he felt were targeted at his business.  He also suggested that my readers might still be questioning my ulterior motives.

All fair comments.  At the same time, I’ve received many commendations from those of you who appreciate my efforts.

Saturday I put a call-out for some urgent assistance with a Canadian Jeweller feature article I’m working on.  The response was overwhelming.  I felt like Sally Field accepting her academy award for Places in the Hear, “You like me.  Right now. You like me!”

Part of the answer to the ulterior motive question lies in what happened Saturday.  I stumbled upon a hot-button issue that I had no idea you all were so passionate about.

I’ll be honest with you.  I have 6 ulterior motives: 

Ulterior Motive #1
I want to present a variety of topics at you until I discover the issues that get you all hot and bothered.  The ones where you would stand-up and say, “I Am Sparticus”

Ulterior Motive #2
I’ve urged you to display your code of conduct in your store to remind both you and your clients what it is you stand for.  The Toddwaz Report does the same for me.

Ulterior Motive #3
Social media marketing is growing in importance.  Writing the Toddwaz Report is a natural progression in my desire to prepare myself for the future.

Ulterior Motive #4
5 years ago I made it my goal to become a speaker at JCK Las Vegas.  Until now, I’ve never had a “body of work” to demonstrate that I have something substantive to say. 

Ulterior Motive #5
As independent retail jewellers in Western Canada, we face enough competition from other industries.  I am trying to be a virtual meeting point for retailers to come together and make our industry stronger.

Ulterior Motive #6

This is part of my marketing campaign to earn your business.  I believe I’ll be more successful if I do more than just phone and ask appointments.

There you go.  Enough about me.  What about you?

What ways can you test your market place to see what issues they are passionate about when it comes to buying luxury gifts?

How do you let your clients know what you stand for so that they will not only hold you up to your own standards, but compare them to your competitors?

Are you prepared for the day when social media marketing is needed to reach a higher proportion of your audience?

Is there any way you can leverage the influence you’ve gained through your own business to do something really important to you?

Do you believe that being part of a community of like-minded retailers makes you stronger than if you do your own thing?

What do you have to offer for free that will bring new customers in the door or build loyalty in your marketplace?

I believe in our industry and the ways we help people celebrate the momentous occasions in their lives.

I want all retailers reading and watching the Toddwaz Report to become more prosperous.

I want to earn your business by doing more than just showing-up.

Toddwaz … Over and Out!

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