Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Guest Blog from Justin Pelant of Ted Allen Jewellers

How does one rate the value behind ethically mined stones, or for that matter, products that one purchases for lifestyles, whether it be food or clothing?  The jewellery industry is held under a huge loupe (lol) while other industries can filter/sell whatever they want with no regard to the outcome.  IE: sweatshops, pink slime, etc.  When will the jewellery retailer have the backing to show that a quality, ethical product is available at your locally owned jewellery store?  

The local person also has ownership over whom they deal with.  The local owner will have to look into the consumers eyes when they sell a product.  The better the product, the easier it is to look into there eyes.  I have always had this motto.  I will not lie, cheat or steal and I will not tolerate those that do.  With this motto in mind, I’ve been able to look into the mirror and be happy with who is looking back.  I have seen too many people embarrassed by the products they carry.  You see it in every large market department store and those that have lost control of what they are giving to their customers.

Humor me Todd and let me know your thoughts on this pattern (borderline rant) on my end.  ENJOYING THE BLOG.

My response tomorrow…

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