Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

On what I celebrate as Resurrection Sunday, I want to greet you all with best wishes for time with family and friends.  After counting up the cost of my extensive travelling last year, my wife Jana and I decided that I would not return home every single weekend.  That had been my routine for years; whether it meant flying home on a Friday night, or driving through the night for up to 14 hours to return to the nest.  This year, I’m sacrificing some of my home-time in order to spend-less money and reduce family debt.

I am reminded that all of the hard work we put into our jobs, our stores and our industry, it’s a sacrifice with a purpose.  That’s why us Christians celebrate Easter.  Not for the sacrifice itself, but for the grand purpose it achieved for us.

Some of you are building a strong business for the next generation, some of you want a healthy business that will attract a generous buyer, and others are just focused on bringing home the bread.  All of our work has a purpose.  When the “rubber meets the chicken”, there are family and friends standing behind us who wait for us to get home. 

I hope you’re as grateful as I am today that although I enjoy great fulfillment in my business endeavors when I look around my church, my living room and around my dinner table tonight, I’ll be enjoying the company of those who matter the most.

Have a great Easter or Passover, or long weekend with those who matter most to you!

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