Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Story Time – Vancouver Visit

I had been working in the jewellery business in Edmonton for only a couple of months back in 1987 when I received an invitation to a wedding in Vancouver.  A coworker told me that while in Vancouver, I should visit the store of Tony Cavelti.  Being young and keen, I made a point of visiting the downtown Vancouver design studio.  When I explained why I was there, Tony himself came out to greet me.  He welcomed me to the industry and asked if I wanted to see something special.  From his vault he brought out a 13.42ct emerald worth $170,000.  The color was vivid, and the small wispy inclusion was like an angel floating within the rare gemstone. 

It took only 5 minutes to make a big impression on me.  20 years later, Mr. Cavelti would receive a lifetime achievement award at the Western Canadian Jewellery Expo, and I was on-hand to congratulate him.  I shook his hand, reminded him of how we had met 20 years before and explained how I had continued on to make a fulfilling career in jewellery.  I thanked him for having been such a great ambassador of Canada’s jewellery family.

Don’t take our industry for granted.  Treat it as our best-kept secret.  If people knew how enjoyable it is to sell, design or promote great jewellery, we might have even more competition!

Shout-outs to Tony Cavelti, (the late) Varouj Arkarakas, Roy Katsuyama, Guy Forest and (the late) Dale Markwart who all took some time to encourage me on my journey through the jewellery biz.  If you’re young in the industry, introduce yourselves to some old-timers.  If you have many years of experience in this business, take some time to share stories with the up-coming generation.

Have a great weekend.

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