Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just Kidding

I love using humor to build raport with a customer.  If you can get them laughing, you’ve got an easier time selling to them.  Here’s a good one; “do you know the three rings that make-up to traditional wedding set?  First, there’s the engagement ring, then there’s the wedding ring, and then there’s the suffer-ing.”  Funny, huh?  How about “do you know why single men live longer?  Because they want to.”  Hilarious!

I’ve emceed several weddings, but am careful to resist the temptation towards anti-marriage humor.  There are many good jokes and stories that poke fun at the institution of marriage.  There’s good reason to make fun of something that people take so seriously, but which fails at such an alarming rate.  The most current statistics show that 37.9% of marriages will end in divorce before the 30th anniversary.  These rates are skewed by repeat divorces.  In Canada 67% of first-time marriages will last a lifetime.

My recommendation is that you NEVER, EVER make fun of marriage when selling an engagement ring.  The bride or groom may choose a wisecrack or two, but I would stay away from entering into the attack.  The simple reason is that the couple in front of you is betting $5,000 on an engagement ring and $twenty-some-thousand on a wedding that they will be among the majority who enjoy marriage for life.  No matter what your experience or beliefs, keep them to yourself.

Always choose to rejoice with aspiring brides and grooms as well as anniversary celebrants.  Our industry depends on it!

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