Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Video Blog - Wisdom on a Mountain

I’ve ascended this mountain here in search of wisdom.  The Dahli Llama is nowhere to be found, so I wonder if maybe you can help.

This is my 70th day in my attempt to publish 300 blogs in 2012, and my fourth video blog.  While emailing The Toddwaz Report to a number of retailers in Western Canada and gaining followers on Facebook, I’d like for my ramblings to reach a wider audience. 

Writing continues to flow naturally from my experience with you, and occupies time spent in airports, hotels and at my table-for-one.

I’m in negotiations with a major jewellery magazine to contribute some of my writing to their monthly publication.  They’ve asked me what kind of writing I’d like to do for them.  Am I an investigative journalist?  Can I write feature articles?  Could I be a columnist focusing on marketing, sales, operations, industry trends, or something else?

Here’s where I need your help.  You’ve been hearing from me daily for over two months now.  I want to know what’s stuck with you. 

Firstly, without reviewing back-copies, I’d like you to tell me which articles have been memorable.

Secondly, whether you acted on a suggestion, modified it, or did the exact opposite of what I wrote, what actions have you taken in your business as a result of reading The Toddwaz Report

Thirdly, is an optional response; tell me if you think that one particular subject matter or viewpoint would be a unique and welcome addition to all of the other columnists that target you, the retail jewellers.

Please take just a few minutes to give me your thoughts.  I’m not looking for praise and I while I don’t enjoy criticism, I know that in order to improve I need to invite it. 

I’m really up here looking for direction, and I want to know what specifically I can do to benefit you.  Even if I don’t end-up writing for the magazine in question, I’ll take your comments use them to advance The Toddwaz Report.

Thank you and have a great week

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