Friday, 13 April 2012

Platinum perspective

There’s nothing like platinum!  The weight, the feel and the patina are amazing to wear.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just try-on a platinum Rolex watch and you’ll be mesmerized.  But, some retail clients are highly disappointed with their platinum jewellery.  Why?  Because, they had the wrong expectations, and they bought it from a jeweller who should have known better!

Men in particular I’ve found to be intrigued by the idea of platinum; especially engineers, architects, geologists and the like.  Some of them expect that platinum is strong enough to be impervious to daily wear. 

To sell platinum right, talk with them about the rarity, density and long-term wear resistance of platinum.  You should also advise them that platinum is valuable due to the following:
-       Platinum is used in 90 to 95% purity; along with other platinum group metals
-       Platinum requires special casting procedures and because of its high density takes up to 3 times as long to finish
-       Platinum is completely inert to chemical reactions and therefore hypoallergenic
And, you must play-up the fact that platinum’s pure grey-white patina comes-out as it wears.  Tell them that it will look richer as time goes on, but if they ever want it restored to the factory high-polish, it will require a trip to the goldsmith.

Promoting platinum properly prevents perplexing problems.  Thanks to David Stratton for the idea for this post.

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