Monday, 27 August 2012

Great Expectations

You can influence them.  You can advertise them into existence.  If you’ve been in business long enough they very well might be an unavoidable legacy of the brand you’ve purposely or accidentally created.  Whenever a client enters your store, they have expectations about what they will experience.

They might expect to look around unaided until they spot something they like and then invite you in to ring it up.  They could anticipate a warm greeting and to enter into lively conversations about fascinating jewels until together you zero-in on the perfect solution to the anticipated celebration.  Sometimes a man shopping for jewellery feels like a stranger in a strange land, expecting a sharp-tongued salesperson to sell them something they never would have thought of at some unforeseen price-point.

The job of a well-trained salesperson is to be prepared for various expectations, and handle them accordingly.  If you are a sales clerk, then you can well-handle the first type of shopper I mentioned.  If you are personable and knowledgeable, you can meet the expectations of the second kind of shopper.  If you are professional and can take charge of an unfocused shopper, you can make the third type feel great about their experience.

Sales training, communicating amongst yourselves, reading and stepping out of your comfort zone are some of the ways you can develop these capabilities.  Being a “sales-clerk” who can only write-up a self-directed purchase is a job easily replaceable.  If selling fine jewellery is your vocation don’t wait for years of experience to give you the tools you need.  Go out and get them, and watch your importance and your salary increase.

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