Sunday, 19 August 2012

I’m Proud of Us!

The fifth annual Evening of Digem Decadence was amazing!  Now I’m going to remind all of you who don’t belong to Digem that this event is open to all members of the wholesale and retail industry.  Apart from a few awards presentations, the evening is focused on raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Foundation.  Hopefully next year there will be an increased capacity because I believe there’s room for us to generate larger contributions to cancer research.

I was proud to see another sold-out event.  I was proud to see retailers enjoying the company of their competitors and wholesalers enjoying the company of their competitors.  All seemed to set aside their differences in order to partake in a meaningful event and a celebration of our industry.  I was extremely proud of the generosity shown by attendees who bought ceramic cupcakes, 50/50 tickets, and bid generously on scrumptious desserts.  A tip-of-the-hat goes to Anne McMinis of Diamonds For You in Vermillion who paid $250 at the silent auction for the Toddwaz Wine Collection!

Tim Markwart gave a touching tribute to Larry Humphrey who passed away in April.  John Craft, Stu Burrett and Bill Ward were honored by Digem as reps of the year with Corona taking supplier of the year.  Those who stayed for the dance were treated to the best live party band I’ve ever heard.  We even got to hear Brent McCallum do his best Joe Cocker to a packed dance-floor and screaming fans.  You know those awkward parties where hardly anyone dances and you feel sorry for the band?  This wasn’t one of those.  From the very beginning, Dr. Zeuse had people jumping out of their seats to hit the dance floor, with yours truly boogying his butt-off until the very end.

I’m proud to be part of an industry who knows how to have a good time and contribute some of their hard-earned cash to a worthy cause.  Thanks Connie for an amazing evening.

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