Friday, 10 August 2012

On the Road Again

Today began the Fall travel season for me.  I boarded the plane for Toronto.  We participate in the CJG buying show, and then off the JCK Toronto where I will be part of a panel addressing the topic of Social Media.  If you’re visiting JCK Toronto, make sure you take this in.  The session goes from 11:00am until 12:15pm, Monday August 13th.

As I shift gears from writing-and-prepping to travelling-and-selling, the question always arises: “what kind of Fall will this be.”  The answer always varies.  We speculate about consumer confidence, the regions whose economies are the most robust, the mine that just opened up or closed, the crop outlook and the price of oil. 

This may seem a little na├»ve, but the areas that will enjoy the best Fall will be those whose clients are the best prepared to spend money on jewellery.  The seeds of prosperity for Christmas 2012 are for the most part already planted by what we’ve done as an industry to promote jewellery spending.  There will be gazillions of dollars spent this Fall and Christmas on all kinds of things, but how much impact has our jewellery marketing had in swaying consumers our way?  We’ll see when we tally-up the receipts at 3:00pm December 24th.

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