Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hey Guys ...

The other day I mentioned that using the phrase “Hey guys,” when addressing a mixed-gender group is highly offensive to some people.  Since then, I’ve watched myself and realized that I have some bad habits.  I found myself carelessly using that very phrase.  I often informally refer to my daughter and my kids’ female friends as “dude”.  Since discussing this with Lilian and Steve, we’ve had a lot of fun saying things like “Hey lady”, “Hey guys”, and goofing with the issue.  In case I’ve offended any of you with my gender references, I apologize and I’m trying to change my patterns. 

C2A (Call to Action) - Pay attention to how you greet people over the next little while.  Then plan to have a discussion about it at your next staff meeting.  Make a list of pronouns to describe ladies, gentlemen and mixed groups.  Decide which ones are the most appropriate in all circumstances, and which ones are to be avoided.  For example some ladies are okay with “Ma’am”, and others?  Not so much.  The reason I’m not going to try to make suggestions is that there are definite regional differences to be considered.

Have fun with this… y’all!

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