Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Personality Plus

I’m not a shy person and I don’t lack confidence.  I also know I shouldn’t covet, but there were a couple of people at the jewellery shows in Toronto that were so gregarious they made me feel like a wallflower.  It really got me thinking about whether being the life of the party is necessary to be successful in sales.  The subject became even more confusing after talking to a successful store-owner who admits to being a shy person.

Having personality plus is a big aid in the arena of sales.  It helps to earn an audience, because you can quickly build rapport.  However, that’s just the first chapter in the sales process.  Product knowledge, articulation, the ability to read body language, conflict resolution, compassion, memory, integrity and follow-through are also integral parts of the selling process.  Without these attributes, the most outgoing person will never succeed in closing sales.

I believe that the differences between humans are due to something within us like a giant stereo equalizer.  Every one of our dozens of traits has a level on that equalizer.  We can have some set high, some in the middle and some low, but nobody was created with all sliders set to maximum.  I also believe that as we grow we can work to improve those values while other traits might decline. 

This is how I get myself through moments of insecurity.  As long as I embrace my strongest traits and conduct myself with honesty and integrity, even a lowly guy like me can be successful in the long-run.

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