Monday, 6 August 2012


I’m not always the most methodical person in the world, but when I was in retail I did keep one very important list.  It was a list of jewellery requests that I hadn’t been able to fulfill out of inventory or easily find in catalogs.  It was the one thing I made sure I had with me at the jewellery show.  Half-carat pink diamond?  Rainbow suite tennis bracelet?  Over-the-top fancy colored-stone necklace?

Chances are that you can glean sales that might fall by the wayside if you can call your client from the jewellery show, text them a photo and tell them you’ve found just what they’re looking for!  If you don’t have a list already, it’s not too late.  Get the staff together and ask if there are any client wish-list items that they can think of.  Then keep that list handy because within a few days, you’ll inevitably remember somebody or something that you couldn’t previously recall.

See you at the shows, and don’t forget THE LIST.

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