Thursday, 23 August 2012

Well Done, Ladies!

I had the pleasure of witnessing some very good teamwork today.  A client was entering the store, and the manager says to her ace salesperson, “go show them the three solitaires and try to keep it to those three.”  The ace salesperson says, “do you want me to get involved, or just hover?”  The manager replies, “no, just let them compare the three designs.  I think they’re ready to make a decision…”

What I was impressed with was the quick and effective communication.  The manager knew the clients and had worked with them previously.  In her opinion the sale was best handled with the clients being given room to narrow their decision before the ace came-in to close the deal.  When a team is operating on all cylinders, it doesn’t matter who closes the sale as long as the client gets what they want before leaving your store.

I hope you all talk to each other.  I hope you have communicated so much that you’ve developed your own vernacular when it comes to handling clients.  I hope you recognize when the store’s best interest is served by involving someone else in the sale.  It’s called a “turnover;” not the kind that contains fruit, but is indeed fruitful for building your business.

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