Thursday, 23 August 2012

Show Up

<Sidebar> The headline for this post is a double-entendre.  For those who know that I’ve spent the past couple of weeks at jewellery shows, they might read “show up” and assume it relates to increased sales at the recent Western Canadian Jewellery Expo.  I don’t mind if some people read the headline and believe that everything my team and I touch turns to gold. In actuality our sales were down about 9%, primarily reflective of two retailers who placed large orders last year not in attendance this year.

What I mean by “show up” this morning is to never forget the power of your presence.  You can blog, tweet, post, advertise, email, phone and text all you want, but some people will only come to trust you when you’re standing right in front of them.  In person.

My lovely and talented wife, Jana attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting yesterday with Christy Clark.  For all you see and hear about someone in a high profile position such as premier of B.C., Jana never developed any sort of meaningful impression about our provincial potentate … until yesterday.  Stories from Clark’s past as “youngest child,” “mother” and “caregiver for ailing mother” made her a relatable character.  Her effective handling of questions on tough issues earned Jana’s respect.  Her commitment to put herself in front of a group of businesswomen in little-old Nanaimo was much appreciated.

As a business owner, store manager or someone who is entrusted with highly valuable purchases, you have high standing in your community.  Show-up.  Share your life.  Answer tough questions with integrity.  Speaking at a networking event, chairing a meeting or emceeing a function is stressful for most people including myself.  Doing so can be a sacrifice of time and mental energy.  Do it anyway.  People honor sacrifice.

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