Sunday, 26 August 2012

One Good Turn...

Your goldsmith thought they were doing you a favor when they gave the diamond an eighth of a turn while tightening the claws so that the girdle engraving was made visible.  The turn also revealed a previously hidden feather that extends to the girdle.  Your client might think that the stone has been switched or that the goldsmith damaged their precious diamond.  They might even be able to feel the natural on the girdle with their fingernail.

To quote Dennis Hopper’s character Howard Payne from the movie Speed, “Pop quiz, hotshot … What do you do?”

Well, first you could ask the goldsmith to restore the diamond to its’ previous orientation.  The only problem with that is the goldsmith might be averse to putting pressure on a feather lest they cause a fracture.  You could hope that the client will never notice.  If you decide to tell the client about it, do you call them right away, or do you wait to tell them in person when they pick-up their ring?  How do you explain this in a way that will satisfy them?

C2A (call to action) – Read this posting at your next staff meeting or while you’re setting up the store.  Discuss any such situations in the past and how they were handled.  Decide what is the best course of action if this were to happen in the future.  It’s not a common occurrence, but it does crop-up from time to time and being prepared will empower all staff to choose the best course of action.

Additional points to ponder:
- Is there a certification with plotting to refer back to?
- Do all clients look closely at their chosen feature diamond through a microscope before it’s bought?  Does that help?
- Can you confidently explain the difference between a fracture and a natural?
- How much might you condemn a diamond you’re trying to sell by disclosing that there may be inclusions hidden by the setting?
- Are there any steps you can take during repair intakes to minimize the risk?

Have fun with this topic.  It’s extremely tricky.

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