Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boop-boop-beep -- Voila!

Are we Connected or What???

If there was ever any doubt that digital portable media is going to stick around for a while…

I was recently contacted by my cel phone provider to negotiate a new agreement for our family’s services.  The new agreement is about $125 per month less than I was paying and includes 3-times the data-usage and includes two computer internet-sticks that also share data usage with the phones.  If you’re not sure what that means; it means that my wife, my daughter and myself can get the internet almost ANYWHERE.  When we’re wondering where the nearest coffee shop it, “boop-boop-beep – voila!”  There’s a map showing the nearest ones.  When I’m sitting at a rest-stop in the middle of nowhere, “boop-boop-beep – voila!”  There’s the email you sent me.  I’m not sure how much we’ll use the internet sticks since all McDonalds, Timmies and Starbucks have WiFi, along with BC Ferries, airports and even some airplanes.

The point is; we’re getting more connected and more used to sourcing our business transactions using the web.  At very least, you need to make sure that when someone Googles “Todd’s Fine Jewellers,” that they can locate you, find-out your hours of operation and get a link to even a basic website that contains current information about who you are and what your advantage is over other jewellery sources.

C2A (call to action) – Use Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engines to test your business name and your personal name and see what comes up.  Also, check variations on your business name, like “Todd’s Jewelers in Nanaimo,” or “Todd Jewellery”.  If it’s hard to find you through these means, talk to your web-developer about “search engine optimization.”  It’s a fairly simple matter to make sure that your proprietary name rises to the top of a search.  It costs serious money to rise to the top of searches for “engagement rings” or “fine jewellery.”

From B.C. Ferry’s Queen of Oak Bay, wirelessly yours,


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