Monday, 24 September 2012

Busy Work

It’s that time of year.  Orders from the jewellery shows and gift shows are pouring in.  It’s all you can do to unpack, receive, tag and get the product out onto the show floor, before the next shipment arrives.  While rushing to get all of your busy-work done, don’t lose sight of who that new inventory is for.  I’ve said it myself in jest; “if it weren’t for all of these customers, we could really get some work done…”  Look up from your boxes and pay attention to today’s customers. 

Today’s customers are the ones you hope to be selling this stuff to over the next few months.  In fact, go one further.  Give everyone who walks into your store the respect they deserve.  Immediately drop what you’re doing and show them something new that’s just arrived.  That’s one of the best conversation starters en route to exploring why they came in today, and it will help plant a seed for future purchases.

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