Sunday, 2 September 2012

Diamonds For Sale

Clients of mine used to make sure they had an I2 diamond in stock to compare with their SI+ inventory.  Sometimes they would actually sell their comparison stone, but made good use of it while it was in stock. 

If you want a specimen stones for comparison purposes, I’ve got a couple of great ones for sale.  The first is a fracture filled diamond and the second is a colorimeter verified K-colored diamond.

0.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond H/SI2 (clarity enhanced)                          $800
  (in a simple lightweight 4-claw setting)
0.81ct Round Brilliant natural untreated K/VS1                                      $2,025

The round brilliant is a beautiful diamond; recently recut by Embee Diamonds to an AGS 2 standard.  The last jeweller I showed it to remarked how bright and white it was, and was shocked to learn of its’ actual color.  It comes from a friend’s mom who is living on a fixed income and needs the money more than this treasure she inherited from her mother.  You may intend to show this as an example of an “off-color” diamond, but this is a very attractive saleable diamond.

The emerald-cut is one that I purchased off the internet to use as a specimen gemstone.  I am selling this diamond in order to help me pay for a mission-trip to Haiti in February.

I’m happy to send on appro, but please request so only if you are serious about buying them.

Thanks and have a GREAT week.

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