Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Which Jeweller are You?

So, I’m a little tired and I stopped in a town I’ve never stayed at before.  I went to a Motel that was off the highway and asked the gentleman, “is this the cheap motel in town?”  He replied that it was not and told me it would be $88 for a single.  I was too tired to get into it any further so I just told him to get me a room.  He may have rightly thought I was only concerned with price, but there are a few qualitative features that I look for (unless I’m over-tired.)  What I would like to have heard him say was, “our rooms are cleaner and larger than the cheapest motel in town, and we have newer pillow-top beds for only $88.” 

If someone walks into your store and asks, “which jeweller are you?”  What will you tell them.  Are you the highest volume jeweller who carries all of the latest popular styles?  Are you a luxury jeweller who cater only to those with discriminating taste and a fat wallet?  Are you a full-service jeweller with a modest inventory, but who can and will special-order or custom-make anything?  Are you funky and fad-oriented, or classic and timeless?

Whatever your answer is will be useful in other circumstances.  When you can’t close a sale, you want to leave a prospect with a compelling reason for choosing your store over any other store they might subsequently visit.  At networking events, you need something memorable to tell people about your store.  If you are ever interviewed about your store, to avoid misinformation, you’ve got to keep your answers focused to your core strengths. 

So I’ll ask again -- which jeweller are you?

Oh, and whatever your answer is … it had best be true.

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