Sunday, 23 September 2012

Do Some Good

Being in involved in local sport, societies and charitable events is a great way to build loyalty.  I spoke to someone recently who told me that their predecessor had recommended spending your entire advertising budget on local arena boards, sponsoring sports teams and events.  If however you are finding that there are more people coming to you than you feel you can assist, here’s the best way I’ve found to politely say “no” without feeling like a jerk.

Choose one particular cause, event or beneficiary and get involved in a big way.  Then you can say, “I’m sorry, but we’re putting all of our efforts into The Kid’s Kottage silent auction right now; would you like a ticket?”

If you’re not already overwhelmed with your own fund-raising efforts, Toddwaz needs your help.  I’m working on a campaign to collect scrap-gold to support my “Haitian Heros.”  Once I get a counter-card made-up, I’d like for as many of you as possible to collect broken chains, mismatched earrings, dead-clasps and such for me at your front counter.  Steve at Customgold has offered to pay the refining fees so that every bit of gold collected will benefit children being cared for by Haitian Heros.

I will be returning there in February, and will once again be helping-out at orphanages, tent-cities and volunteer-run schools.  The missionaries I work with down there have a bank-account that is specifically used for orphanage and school support.  There is no administrative cost to this fund, as the workers are already established.  When Jana and I go down, we pay to stay there and part of our fee goes to employ one Haitian for each day of our visit.  The organization is The Foursquare Gospel Church, and you can visit their “Relief and Compassion” website HERE.

I will be collecting gold during November and December.  Look for more information coming soon to a blog-post near you…

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