Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pop or New Wave?

After listening to an interview with David Byrne (Talking Heads) about a new collaborative album, I discovered that the entertainment industry is not unlike our own jewellery business.  According to David, a successful artist has to pander (my word, not his) to the masses in order to expose them to the music you’re really passionate about.

In jewellery terms, you’ve got to offer some basic, boring, traditional jewellery in order to earn an audience.  Once you have an audience, you can sell them more exciting designs.  You’re in the unique position to influence the future of the jewellery business by being aware of that paradigm.  Like a musician, artist or film-maker you want to push the envelope and expand your audience’s horizons to the new and innovative.

Every day people come-in and look at plain boring designs and say, “that looks different, let me try that on…”  Do you tell them that you’ve sold 15 of them in the past year, or do you commiserate with them?  If you want to have more fun selling jewellery, try the following phrases:

That’s a classic design.  Before we settle on that one, let’s explore a few avant garde options!

Jewellery designs are more eclectic than ever.  Let me tell you about a few of our other designers to make sure you’re not missing anything fabulous.

So, if we had to make a decision right now, this would be the one.  I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve; do you want to see them?

Note the incorporation of “test closes” in those phrases.  You’re galvanizing the possibility of their making a buying decision by putting a bookmark in their current (but predictable) favorite.  Designs that are easy to sell are an important part of your inventory.  C2A - use common designs as a fallback position while employing your selling skills to encourage diversity and upper quality ranges.

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