Monday, 24 September 2012

Your New Blog?

After over 230 blog posts (out of the 300 I decided to do in 2012) and over 70,000 words, I’m starting to look ahead to 2013.  My feeling is that The Toddwaz Report might go to a weekly format.  I also have a desire to offer consumer-friendly blogs for you to publish to your clients. 

Blogging is a numbers-game.  Some people are devoted to reading everything on your social network campaign.  Others read various percentages of what you send them, and some never read them, but are always reminded that you’re there.  Now THAT’S top-of-mind awareness!  I’ve been deleting emails from one real estate investment trainer for five years and I’ve never requested “unsubscribe” because I occasionally read something interesting.

By starting your own blog-campaign, you can achieve top-of-mind awareness that would be completely unaffordable any other way.  The newspaper and radio ad guys want you to pay thousands of dollars to be front-and-centre with their audience so that on the exact day that an audience member decides to buy jewellery, you’ll just happen to have an ad running.  Why not generate that sort of awareness among the people that are already familiar with you? 

Then you can spend your advertising budget targeting new customers and building your client-list.  It may sound silly, but think about it… when you advertise, you’re targeting a group that includes your clientele.  If your best clients are being directly contacted several times per month, you can explore new markets.  You can target a young hipsters, the older restyle crowd, anniversaries and men; without fear that you’re missing your current customers.

Let me know if (for a fee) you would be interested in having weekly or biweekly content supplied to you for your very own blog from the Toddster.

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