Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sexy Sells

 A long time ago, I saw this before-and-after photo of 9 ordinary-looking ladies of various shapes and sizes.  With hair extensions, push-up bras, form-fitting dresses, tweezing, make-up and a flattering photo-shoot; they all ended-up looking like Miss America contestants.

If we were selling sensible shoes, one should look and dress comfortable.  If we’re selling hunting and fishing gear; one should be dressed in the latest water-proof, breathable, tear-resistant, quick-dry clothing.  If you’re selling luxury fashion accessories, you need to reflect the heights of fashion to the best of your budget.  Engagement and wedding rings are almost a necessity, but we need to promote a lifetime of jewellery purchases.  Our job is to encourage people to aspire to a well-rounded jewellery wardrobe for all occasions; especially for dress.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want my daughter to aspire to look like an anorexic supermodel, and become obsessed with her body-image like so many teens do.  What I am talking about is dressing and making yourself up as if you were going to an event where you would wear amazing jewellery and feel great doing it.  I call it looking “sexy”, but call it what you will.

It’s what’s inside that counts.  When you feel that you look amazing, guess what?  What’s inside you is colored with confidence.  When you truly feel confident, your mind allows you to approach people with your most positive and attractive attitude. 

If you ever watch those horribly sadistic hosts on What Not to Wear, they start-out cutting their victims down, but at some point in the show two important things happen.  First, the candidate reveals some personal struggle that has led to their attention-seeking, negligent or attention-repelling fashion choices.  Secondly, after learning how to embrace a new style, appropriate to their body and their personality, they end-up brimming with a newfound confidence.  With it, they are invigorated to get back into the dating scene, or go after the career they’ve been longing for, or increase their enjoyment in social circumstances.

So, what’s the dress-code in a jewellery store?  Ball-gowns and up-dos?  Three piece Saville-row tailored suits?  I’d suggest, as your personal budget allows, to dress to the every-day business attire of the top 10% of your clients.  If they wear suits, you wear suits.  If they have manicured nails, so should you.  His suits may be Brioni and yours Tip-Top.  Her manicure could be at the most exclusive spa in town and yours by your own hand. 

You’ve heard it before haven’t you?  The client says, “where would I wear something fancy like that?”  If they’re standing in a beautiful jewellery store among staff who could put that fancy piece of jewellery on and head straight for the local theatre or best restaurant in town, you’ll suffer that comment much less.

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