Sunday, 14 October 2012

Colleagues and Mentors

You just call on me, brother
When you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on…

You cannot prosper in a vacume.  If you’re a salesperson, you need other salespeople who know what you know and have experienced what life’s thrown at you.  If you’re a manager who struggles to reconcile the desires of her owner with her perception of best practices, or an owner who has to deal with every aspect of the business (which I describe as being like “juggling jello”), or a next generation heir of a family business where you’re given leadership but with a parent or aunt or uncle looking over your shoulder and questioning every move.

By reaching out to others in your same circumstance, you’ll discover colleagues and mentors.  If you communicate frequently with these people, you’ll find-out that your experience is not as unique as you thought.

Here’s another take on this struggle to do your own job well.  An owner registers a limited company with the government, chooses a name, and establishes a corporation.  At that point the company is an entity independent of its’ employees and shareholders.  Owners, managers, sales staff and administrators all work for the corporation, and it is the corporation’s good who must be served.

If one member is making life difficult for another member, it hurts the corporation.  If all work together to maximize sales and profits, the corporation becomes one that can reward its members with better salaries, expansion and working conditions.

In order to perform your function well, you need colleagues and mentors.  In order for your corporation to prosper, all players within must bring their skills together in harmony.

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