Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Going for GOLD!

Haitian Heroes Go for GOLD!

You know how websites give you free content for a while and then, WHAM, they hit you with the cost in terms of advertising or subscription fee?  Here’s my “Wham.”  I’m travelling to Haiti in February.  I’m asking you to help me raise funds that will go 100% to helping Haitian orphanages and schools.  I’m collecting scrap-gold which will be refined after Christmas at Customgold’s expense so that every penny’s worth of gold goes directly to the “school and orphanage account” at Foursquare Relief and Compassion.  Since there is no administration cost, 100% of money raised will pay for housing, food and educational supplies of Haitian children (mostly orphans.)

I have designed a counter card to request old-gold from your customers (repair remnants, jewellery not worth fixing, maybe a portion of gold they're coming in to sell…). All you need to do is delegate a staff member who can make this project their “baby.”  I would like someone who is on Facebook and who seeks to assert leadership on this project for the next two months.  If they are active in the community and can promote this to a wider audience; that would be a huge bonus.

Once I hear-back from your project leader (or Haiti Helper) I will email them a counter-card, instructions and links to our website and facebook page.  Your Haiti-Helper might even earn your store a half-day sales training event courtesy of yours-truly!

Email ( or Fax (250-591-0226) me with:

Our official project leader will be:

Our Haiti Helper’s email address is:

Thank you for joining me in the most important work I do,

Todd Wasylyshyn

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