Monday, 22 October 2012

Hockey Lock-out Blues Video Blog

No, I’m not singing again.  I’m doing two things:  I’m encouraging hockey fans to redirect their portion of formerly NHL revenue to more worthy recipients (including jewellers,) and I’m presenting an opportunity to support my trip to Haiti with Foursquare Relief and Compassion.  I’ll soon be submitting a snappy counter card, video and instructions for you to collect scrap gold to support my “Haitian Heroes.”  100% of the proceeds will go to Haitian orphanages and volunteer run schools.

All I ask regarding this video is that you share, post, email and promote it so that it reaches as many people as possible.  I need a little bit of a viral kick in order to get this viewed by as many NHL season ticket holders as possible.  The best way to help this video reach a wide audience is to first view it on YouTube, and then use YouTube’s “Share” function to spread it via email, Facebook or Twitter.  That way, this portion of my message will not be included.

Thanks for your support!

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