Thursday, 18 October 2012

Never, never, NEVER prejudge!

Yesterday was a good reminder to ever prejudge a visitor to your store. After giving the store’s young sales professional a price on an $1,800 pendant for a client, I walked away assuming that the price was more than she would be willing to spend.  Lilian and the young sales professional who had sold the same lady a 1.5ct diamond previously continued to show her beautiful jewels until she fell in love with an amazing $15,000 emerald and diamond ring.  She was middle-aged lady dressed very casually, with no Louis Vuitton purse, no bling, no appointment and browsing alone.

I should know not to prejudge.  I sold two gold Rolex watches for over $50,000 to a gentleman dressed in jeans and work-boots.  It turns-out that he and his partners had just sold their industrial tank manufacturing business, and had all just received a massive pay-day.  In fact, I’d have to say that the best dressed and flashiest shoppers have not been responsible for most of my largest retail sales.

That’s why I always recommend selling from the top-down, no matter who you’re talking to.  When you begin selling at the top of your offerings, sometimes you’ll end-up there!

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