Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I love the word “participaction.”  It sounds much better than exercise.  I’d much rather participate than exert.  I’d much rather take part in “action” than worry about my size.  It’s no coincidence that successful people are healthy active people.  Maybe people who are driven to develop healthy bodies and similarly driven in business.  Maybe a little participaction truly gives you more energy to put into other areas of your life. 

All I know is that I’m up a few pounds, and while on the road haven’t been able to get as much activity as I like.  I know that as soon as I get back on my bike, kayak or on the hiking trails back home, I’ll enjoy a higher level of energy.  It takes a bit of a momentum breaker for me to “just do it.”  This is your momentum breaker: if you’ve been slacking off in the participaction department, do something TODAY.  Go for a walk.  Dust-off the old tread-mill.  Do a few jumping jacks.  Get that heart-rate up for 15 minutes.  For those jocks out there who have never quite being active, GOOD FOR YOU.

Do you know those annoying people who are always bright, energetic and positive?  That could be you!

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