Friday, 12 October 2012


Re: FINTRAC: my friend Debbie up in Fort St. John was contacted by FINTRAC regarding her policies and procedures.  With some experience in policy writing, she wowed them by writing a policy that added all kinds of warnings to her staff (of one) about the kinds of crazies to watch for.  In her experience the more ludicrous policies you include, the better they like it.

Re: How Big?: I was surprised at the number of people to whom this was a new way to analyze the annoying pictures people keep bringing in.  Thanks for letting me know that it was a helpful tip.

Re: Myth Busters (lying customers): Sorry Anna, but I just don’t have one answer that will work for all stores.  I just know that for each store, you’re better to discuss your own policy so that you’re prepared when that situation arises (and it will!)  The one universal solution I might recommend involves a trap-door and a pool of ravenous alligators, but due to building codes it would be prohibited in many municipalities.

Have a great weekend!

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