Thursday, 11 October 2012

How Big?

Yesterday I mentioned the issue of shoppers bringing in pictures from magazines or the internet.  If you need to give them some perspective as to how big the diamond is in the picture, it’s all about junior-high math.

In the typical ¾ view of a ring, you should be able to see the widest part of the inside of the shank.  Take your ruler and measure the inside diameter of the ring in the picture in millimeters.  Divide that number by 17 (which is the actual inside diameter of a size 7 ring).  If the ring in the picture measures 51mm, then the scale will be 3X.

Then measure the diameter of the diamond in the picture and divide by the scale you determined and then look-up the carat weight of a diamond that size.  In our example if the diamond measures 24mm; divide by 3 and you know that your dealing with an 8mm or 2ct feature diamond.

Then you can reveal that their dream-ring from the photo would cost them about $30,000, and discuss whether the same style would look as good with their $6,000 budget.

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