Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trick or Treat

… with thoughts and prayers going out to the many victims of Sandy’s devastation.

My first year in retail, I was given the Hallowe’en shift.  I recall sitting at the diamond counter with a couple and lobbing candies over their heads at the children parading by.  It was pretty difficult to give my attention to paying customers when those little leeches were everywhere.  Maybe my manager didn’t expect any shoppers that night, but here’s the thing…

When you are open, it’s an invitation to come-in and receive the “Acme Jewellers” experience.  You should be ready and able to deliver that experience no matter who’s on shift and no matter what events are happening in the mall or on the street.  The best practitioners of this are those who participate in hallowe’en, sidewalk sales, pancake breakfasts, etc. with extra staff (usually friends and family) at the front of the store, or outside the store while leaving the inside of the store for business-as-usual.

Hat’s off to Geoff at Woodlands for the great pumpkin carving…  the diamond in their logo is obviously an “ideal cut!”

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