Thursday, 4 October 2012

NHL Lock ... et?

Oh, the agony of it!  If the NHL continues to be locked-out, where am I going to get my inspiration from?  The wisdom of the 30 year-old veteran, the energy of the 18 year old nouveau-riche phenom, the highs (“Ooooh”), the lows (“Ahhhh”)…  I can’t even run my annual hockey pool. L

Let’s look on the bright-side, if you live in or near an NHL city, there are 16,000 people with $3,000 to $9,000 extra in their wallets to spend on jewellery!!!   I did the calculation in my head, and I thought that was about $8Million – actually it’s $80Million.  Now, there are indeed many losers in this equation, like the restaurateurs, arena staff, hotels and the like.  Todd’s law of conservation of money says that the ocean of money doesn’t increase, nor decrease (unless you’re Barak Obama executing “quantitative easing”), it just flows through different tributaries.  If $80Million is sitting out there from NHL ticket-sales, I say, we ask for some of it!

I vote that we invite clients to mourn the loss of the NHL season with some black diamonds!  Commemorate the lock-out with a diamond-studded locket.  Since there will be 40 less dates to the hockey arena, they can now afford to buy some nice jewels and go to the theatre, or nice restaurants that don’t have specials like “pre-game pints,” “Sedin-Sisters’ Caesars” and “Grandma Gretzky’s Goulash”. 

I think my friends in Lloydminster are going to have a successful big-diamond promotion this month, because there are more than a few Oilers season ticket holders who travel 3 hours, rent hotel rooms and dine-out just to enjoy 44 or hopefully more hockey games each year.

If you run a clever promotion to earn some of that extra disposable NHL ticket income, post a comment to my Facebook Page.  

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