Wednesday, 3 October 2012


One of the secrets to success as told by a former mentor is acknowledging people around you with gratitude.  I probably don’t do it often enough, because there are so many people who’ve extended so many courtesies to me along the way.  From my patient wife, to Pam at the office and the friends, family and clients who help ease my accommodation expenses on the road.  As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s easy to remember to the thankful.  The harder part is to make a habit of it. 

By regularly expressing your true appreciation to those who add value to your life and your business, you’ll accomplish two things.  First, you add value to the recipient because they are lifted up by your kind words.  Second, you galvanize their value within your own mind so that you won’t be tempted to take them for granted.

Thank you readers.  Thank you clients.  Thank you colleagues.  Thank you God for putting me in the path of great people.

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