Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sales Training

After conducting a quick sales-training course, I’m realizing that what Brad Huisken said is true.  “I’ll be the first to tell you that sales training doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work if it’s an event.  It works if it’s a process.”  If you haven’t been diligently doing weekly sales meetings or generating proof of ongoing self-directed sales and product knowledge learning, then here’s your virtual kick in the pants.

If magazine articles are meant to be read by all staff, make everyone initial that they were read, and break-open discussions at random times about them to ensure that they were understood.  Jeff Appelt was telling me about the novels which get passed around his stores.  Hopefully there are a few sales training books in that informal book club.  For those of you who have trouble generating training material for a weekly meeting, you might need to invest in something like Brad Huisken’s weekly sales meeting program.  (I receive no commission for recommending Brad’s product.)

Christmas is coming, so let’s step-up our game; learning how to sell, close, add-on, sell-up, have more fun and be more successful in our businesses!

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