Monday, 29 October 2012

Purple Gold?

Doing a lot of restyle work, I often stand across the showcase from clients who worry about the future inheritor of their new design disapproving of the gold color.  I simply advise, “we don’t know what the trend will be in 10, 20 or 30 years.  By then purple gold could be all the rage.  Then they will come see someone like me and have the piece restyled to reflect their taste.”  This response also applies to someone stressing over selecting a new item of jewellery in either yellow or white gold.  If the proportion of gemstone value to gold is high, then it is safe to assert that changing gold color in the future is no big deal.

A recent article by Rob Bates in JCK Magazine talks about a new process whereby silver can be turned any color of the rainbow and gold; any color but blue.  This process involves etching “nano-patterns” onto the surface that absorb different wave-lengths of light.  I’m not too worried about this transforming the jewellery industry; as we’re having trouble enough with rhodium plating.  Imagine having to send a ring away to have its’ “nano-patterns” reapplied every few months!  From the sounds of things this would either be appropriate for pendant/earring product or require some sort of transparent coating to protect the effect.

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